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Statute of citizen association

Association for performance and publishing in digital media

Node9 OpenSource Code repository



Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB RAM, SSD

Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB RAM, CUDA, SSD

Odroid M1 8GB RAM, SSD

(together 12 core, 18GB RAM, 25 Watt)

Field servers

Raspberry 3B 1GB RAM, Raspi Cam V2

Raspberry 1B .5GB RAM, USB mic

Odroid N2+ 4GB RAM, eMMC


Font BianZhiDai by Xiaoyuan Gao, notyourtypefoundry.
Font Fungal by Raphaël Bastide, Jérémy Landes.
Distributed by velvetyne.fr.

100% renewable local energy by Nano energies

29% wind, 16% biogas, 5% solar, 50% hydropower, no offsets

Connectivity provided by Vodafone network

Node9 is run by Asociace pro performance a publikováni v digitálnich médiích, z. s.