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of the citizen association

Association for Performance and Publishing in Digital Media

CZ reg. ID (IČO) 22737529


Article I
Name, address, scope and character of the citizen association

1. The name of the association is "Asociace pro performance a publikování v digitálních médiích, z. s."
2. The office of the association is at Schnirchova 1513/12, Prague 7, 170 00, Czech Republic
3. The association was first registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Czech Republic on 2 May 2008.
4. The association operates on the entire territory of the Czech Republic, the association is not divided into organizational units - the association is a locally competent organizational unit.
5. The nature of the association: registered association under Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code.
6. The association is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit association of citizens in the public interest.
7. These statutes come into force on 20 January 2022.

Article II
Purpose of the citizen association

1. The purpose of the Society is the broad social acceptance of environmentally sustainable media as a distinctive part of life, culture and artistic expression and as a means of understanding cultures and ecosystems.


Article III
 Forms of action

1. Practical activities of the members to achieve the objectives of the association and the mediation of activities of general benefit in accordance with the purpose of the association, in particular:

- Supporting the realization of artistic performances, the creation of installations, interactive environments, communities and organizations through environmentally sustainable media as a specific expression of man and humanity;
 - Creating digital records a
nd documentation of creations, digitizing important historical works, operating internet systems, publishing and releasing physical media in the aforementioned areas, gathering research and art collections in digital galleries and archives ensuring their accessibility to the public;
 - popularisation, collaboration, the creation of distribution and measurement networks, the use of regenerative computing and permacomputing in media, the operation of livinglabs and the implementation of festivals focused on ecos
ystems and sustainable media;
 - research, development, standardisation, organisation of civic and professional meetings and exchange between forms of knowledge and cultural use of media in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way.

2. Openness in all these activities means that their results are made available to the general public, according to their nature, either under free licence or under the necessary curation to ensure equal opportunities.

3. Other forms and specifics of activities shall be determined by the membership meeting.


Article IV
Membership in the citizen association

1. A physical person over the age of 18 may be a member of the association.

2. Application for membership is accepted by the President of the association. The approval of the membership meeting is required for the admission of a member. Admission to membership shall be communicated in writing. The Society shall keep a register of members.

3. Membership shall cease upon
 - delivery of a written notice of withdrawal to the Chairperson of the association;
- decision of the Membership Meeting to expel;
 - failure to pay membership dues for two consecutive years;
 - death of a member or dissolution of the association

4. A member shall have the right to participate in the activities of the association and its bodies and to be informed about these activities;
- to participate in the membership meeting, to elect the bodies of the association and to be elected to them;
 - to subm
it proposals, suggestions and comments on the activities of the association;
 - to participate in the determination of the objectives and forms of activity of the association;
- members authorised to act on behalf of the association may grant a power of attorney to another person.

5. A member is obliged to

- observe this statute, and act in accordance with the objectives of the association;
 - pay membership fees.

6. The amount of membership fees shall be determined by the members' meeting.



Article V
of the citizen association

1. The authorities of the association are:
 - Statutory body: the Chairperson of the association;
 - Supreme body: the Members Meeting.


Article VI
Statutory body - Chairperson

1. The statutory body of the association is a chairperson.

2. The chairperson acts on behalf of the association in accordance with the decision of the members' meeting.

3. The chairperson shall sign on behalf of the association by affixing his signature to the printed or written name of the association.

4. The chairperson ensures the formalities of the association's activities according to the legislation in force, in particular bookkeeping, management of the association's funds and property, and prepares the proceedings of the membership meeting.

5. The term of office of the chairperson is five years.


Article VII
Members Meeting

1. The members' meeting is the supreme body of the association; it meets at least once a year.

2. A quorum is present if at least half of the members of the association are present; if a quorum is not present, the chairman of the association shall convene a substitute meeting within one month (but not earlier than five days), which shall be quorate regardless of the number of members present. The members' meeting shall take decisions by vote; the approval of a majority of the members present shall be required for the adoption of a decision, unless these statutes provide otherwise in specific cases.

3. A members' meeting shall also be convened by the chairman of the association if requested (in writing) by 1/3 of the members of the association within one month, unless a later deadline is specified in the request.

4. Members' meeting
 - approves the statute of the association and its changes, decides on the dissolution of the association; for the adoption of these decisions the consent of all members of the association is required;
 - elects the chairman of the assoc
 - approves the budget, the report on the activities and management for the previous period;
- accepts new members and decides on the exclusion of a member;
 - determines the forms and specifics of activities for the next period;
 - determines the amount o
f membership fees.


Article VIII
Economic principles

1. Any income shall consist of membership fees, donations, subsidies and grants and shall be used in accordance with the objectives of the association and their purpose. Other income may be income from ancillary activities that are consistent with the objectives of the association and are a source of income to achieve them (entrance fees, participation fees, etc.). The association may enter into a cooperation agreement with a legal entity for the financial support of its activities.

2. The expenditure of the association shall be directed towards the realisation of the objectives of the association in accordance with the forms of activities set out in this statute and the budget of the association.


Article IX
Conditions for the dissolution of the association

1. In the event of the dissolution of the association, its assets shall be transferred free of charge to another legal person of a non-profit character whose objectives are close to those of the association. If this person is not found within 3 months of the end of the liquidation, the remaining assets shall be divided equally among the members of the association.